3/4 update..

Wow. I’m roughly ¾ of the way through this pregnancy now, give or take a week or three. Flying by in an understatement and I’m pleased to report I’m only ‘just’ starting to feel pregnant. I am so very blessed! Slowly getting a waddle happening at the end of the day, and most definitely visibly pregnant now, but most of the time I’m feeling fabulous. Tired, and slightly heavier at the end of a long day, but majority of the time fabulous. And I’m SO happy! I have a wonderful husband and children, a village community close enough to call sisters, a healthy baby rolling around in my belly and a lonnnnng summer and 2012 at home with my cherubs to look forward to *happy sigh*. Needless to say, pregnancy-wise everything is going along swimmingly normal. I haven’t checked BP or fundus height in a quite a while, so I’ll probably ask V to do a quick check in the next couple of weeks but otherwise I think I’d bore a mainstream careprovider stupid if I was going to regular checks according to the ‘schedule’ *laugh*. I think the only thing on my ‘to do’ list at the moment is to buy a new camera before the birth.. and keep growing my darling babe. Easy done. xx

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