One of those days..

Yesterday was one of those days. No, not one of those ‘bad’ days. One of those, life is so wonderful I think I may just explode from bliss days ❤ .

The day went something like this..

5.30am – Sylar wakes up asking for booby and bubbles. Breastfeed in bed and he dozes back of for a little while.

6.30am – Trystan comes in wanting to go back to sleep with us. Sy climbs all over us asking for bubbles.. we all get up and have breakfast. Clean kitchen while boys eat, play and watch some TV. Random books read in between.

8.00am – Rob gets up and Sy spends the next 30mins asking to go “wimming!”.

8.30am – Rob and Sy leave the house for swimming lessons. Trystan and I get dressed and he helps me hang washing on the clothes airers (never sure if it’s going to rain or not down here in spring) and then races around picking up toys while I start vacuuming. He’s not always so willing to help, so today is a nice easy change 🙂 .

~ sounds pretty boring thus far, right? Lots of talking (questions!) and quality (rare) one-on-one time happening as well *smile* ~

10.15am – Rob and Sy get home and we finish getting ready then swap children – Rob and Trystan head off to a 4th birthday party and Sy and I set off for Ben & Jo’s to celebrate Ostara (Spring Equinox). Ostara is usually celebrated around the same time Christians celebrate Easter, but given we live in the Southern Hemisphere it falls at the opposite end of the year for us with Spring in September.

11.00am – We arrive at Ben and Jo’s (salad and worm juice in hand) to be greeted by their ever smiling faces, balloons and a paper-chain archway created by Ben and Lucy that am, and 5th birthday balloons in joint celebration of Jo and Lucy’s birthing anniversary. We’re the first to arrive but other friends, old and new, start trickling in (or rumbling on motorcycles lol) shortly after.

We spend the next few hours in the warm embrace of our friends.. an egg/rabbit hunt in honour of Ostara, an opportunity for the children of exchanging their new bounty for something new, and committing our intentions and desires to the earth (that which we wanted to grow and flourish was written on paper and planted beneath vegetable seedlings in our host’s new garden). In between their was an azure butterfly cake in honour of Lucy, children each taking a turn to blow out candles on their own pieces of cake, jumping on the trampoline and stroking the pile of kittens (Sylar), crafting on the couch and vegan and unschooling discussions with some of the most inspiring women I’ve ever known.

2.30pm – we floated back out to the car, tired but full to the brim with love and headed back home.

3.00pm – Sy finally gave in to sleep so we both headed to bed for a lonnnng and obviously much needed nap..

5.30pm – woke up *happy sigh* . Snap decision to grab some take-out and head to the drive-in as Trystan had been asking to see the ‘smurfs’ which both Rob and I recall loving as small children.. feed the furbabies and back in the car.

6.30pm – Dinner and a movie in the car with our babies – I LOVE how we can climb around and talk without disturbing anyone else.

8-8.30pm – Trystan snuggles into Rob and goes to sleep just as the movie is finishing. Back home again and Sy and I head back to bed – singing, talking and booby until we both fall asleep.

One of those easy, relaxing days filled with loved ones. Bliss.

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