Challenge day 5… and a sneak peak at our bellybabe

Not going particularly fabulously. No issues whatsoever with giving up the meat side of things (as I ate so little, being the odd bit of chicken or fish anyway), and eggs have been easier than I thought too.. but milk, which I *thought* would be easy (another thing I have so little of), is proving to be quite the challenge!  We ran out of bread earlier this week (I’d been having toast with nut-spread or avocado, yummo!), and since I haven’t been feeling well I wasn’t about to go racing to the shops for more, so I was left with limited cereal options none of which went nicely with the type of soymilk I had on hand. Porridge and vanilla soy with strawberry jam is divine, weetbix with light original soy is not. Urgh, dilemma!


Fortunately this lurgy is on it’s way out of my body now, and I’m planning a big grocery shop tomorrow morn, so once the fridge and pantry is stocked with lots of vegan goodness it should be much easier. I still think I may end up relenting a little though.. Vegetarian, absolutely. Vegan, I don’t know..




In more exciting news, I had my one and only ultrasound this pregnancy yesterday. I’ve had an awful time sleeping the last few nights (not just from my cold or normal pregnancy insomnia), and it finally clicked as I was lying in bed at 5am yesterday morning that I was nervous. For the first time, I was worried that they’d find something wrong with our baby and the cascade of difficult decisions would start.. I hate how a little ‘routine’ scan could make me feel so vulnerable! Up until this point I had *known* our baby was fine. I had also known, that even if bellybabe wasn’t okay it wouldn’t change anything.. even a baby ‘incompatible with life’ would be held safe in my womb as long as s/he needed. So, I’m not sure why I was so nervous and restless.. walking though the hospital doors was even triggering for me (this is not the hospital I had Trystan at, so I’m not sure why).


Anyway, bellybabe is fine. As we knew. Also burrowing down into the safe warmth of my womb and refusing to move in a show of baby defiance that made this mama proud *laugh* . I didn’t want to find out the gender of our baby this time.. it didn’t feel right for me. However, Rob was adamant that he ‘needed’ to know, and since we were having the scan he also ‘needed’ to reassure his own mind we decided that we may as well find out so he could prepare for that in his own way too. I realised that we all prepare for the birth of a new child differently, and this two things are a major part of that for Rob. I did find it quite comical when bellybabe spent the entire time, right up until the very end with legs crossed and the cord between the legs.. I wasn’t going to be returning for another scan just to determine the gender so if bellybabe didn’t want to share that suited me just fine *wink* .


At the end however, bellybabe did roll over (after a few comical tumble turns from me – what a sight!) which enabled a better look at the heart and profile… and between the legs. I missed it on the screen, but a tactless conversation between the operator and trainee who obviously presumed I had zero intelligence, revealed that we had an xx baby. “So, we’re definitely having a girl?” “We can never be definite, only 90%” “so, we’re 90% sure it’s a girl??” “Yes”. Oh my. Lucky we did want to know then! Wishing she had of told us more nicely, perhaps even with a little fanfare, as it’s hard to kick the feeling that I’ve been duped and really shouldn’t know anyway.. but there you go. We’re having a perfectly formed baby girl *smile* .


Trystan has been quite adamant from the start that he was getting a baby sister, so I’m pleased we don’t have to have ‘that’ conversation and the inevitable tears! His chosen name however, he will need to get over. And I need to work on Rob some more.. I mentioned a name to Rob only a few nights ago that he agreed was lovely. With each passing day, I feel more and more that this is HER name. It’s not a name I’ve ever considered before.. actually I think I posted about this conversation at the start of the week! So yes, this is her name. I feel she’s telling me.. Rob, naturally last night decided perhaps he doesn’t love it and threw a few suggestions back. No, her name is not Amelia or Julie. Heavens! This is her name.. I *know* it. Ah well, we have a few more months to bring him around.. and he didn’t veto it..

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