Day 2 – vegan challenge

Urgh, I’ve woken up with Sy’s cold. Amazing how fast I can go from feeling middle-trimester-great to just-wanna-curl-up-on-couch-crappy.. On the positive side, we all know how bad dairy affects you when sick (congestion, etc), so at least the challenge will be a lil easier in that regard.

Breakfast: toast with soy marg and peanut butter, fair trade coffee and light soy milk (won’t bother even attempting to make this at home anymore until coffee machine is fixed, plunger coffee just doesn’t cut it!).
Morning tea: oranges (and banana’s and strawberries which the babe refused to share!), hot lemon & honey drink and LOTS of water. Dinosaur eggs aka Yoshino rice crackers (again, mostly eaten by the babes.. the 2 I swiped were yummy!). “Milk cookies” ( .
Lunch: Avocado on toast
Afternoon tea: raw carrot sticks with hummus, cut apples.
Dinner: lentil, cauliflower (& broccoli) soup with home-baked bread ( Rob hates soup so will probably have cheese toasties *rolleyes*

Not a bad effort 🙂

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