Update on bellybabe

I felt bellybabe move from the outside for the first time last night.. S/he is so so quiet during the day, but my gosh is it a party come bed time! The kicks and rolls were so strong I wonder if bellybabe has had a lil growth spurt or if I’ve just been sleeping through all the excitement.. either way it feels wonderful *bliss*.

Another first for last night.. Rob actually liked a girls name I suggested! He was veto-ing everything so I’d given up on the name hunt for a while, but last week I decided to make a little list and just randomly ask what he thinks over time. Perhaps not originally my absolute favourite name, but as soon as I said it and he agreed that it was a lovely name, it just felt ‘right’. I think this is HER name.. if bellybabe is a girl anyway.. which I have a feeling she is *smile* .


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