Pledge to be vegan for 30 days

Something happened on the weekend.. something that had been stirring inside me for the last 10 years since I took the ill advice of a naturopath and gave in to peer pressure. Maybe it was sparked by our farm visit, I can’t be sure, but inside my head I saw (actually saw!) a line up of all of the animals that have died, probably horrifically, due to me. As I started preparing our dinner, using a bought BBQ chicken that was dripping in solidified fat, I felt physically ill. What was I doing??! How could I keep ignoring my inner voice that was shouting ‘NO!’? How could I continue doing something purely for convenience sake, when it meant DEATH? I still feel sick just thinking about it. So, on Sunday night, I finished turning that poor chicken into a gratin for my family (I believe if you’re going to eat meat you should respect it and nothing would be lower than throwing that poor bird in the trash like ‘rubbish’), and then served myself up the left over quiche I’d made on Friday night. Yes, it had eggs in it, and I feel awful about that too, but that brings me back to my problem with treating animals like rubbish.. So, it was the lesser of two evils I guess? Actually, maybe it wasn’t the farm.. if I look back over our meals of late, at least 2/3rds have been vegetarian (not vegan).. Maybe it’s bellybabe? I know I’m going to come up against resistance. From my husband because he likes his meat (although the only way he’s ever got red meat is buy BBQing it himself or in a restaurant as I’ve never been able to tolerate the smell), and will argue the point that our small children need it. From my mother, because I’m pregnant. And probably just from random friends and strangers when I ‘inconvenience’ them.. Thus, I’ve decided to make myself accountable. To PeTA, by signing up to their 30-day challenge, and to you and myself, here. Perhaps by including my meal plans and recipes’ I’ll even inspire you?.. Day One. Breakfast: Weetbix and milk (I slipped up here, but it will be soy milk from tomorrow). Plus an orange once I got to work. Morning tea: Fairtrade latte with soymilk and irish cream.. how did I not try this earlier?? Divine! I also had a blueberry muffin that probably had dairy of some sort in it, so I’ll need to have a bake-up at home and be more prepared. Lunch: The rest of the leftover quiche Dinner: I haven’t quite decided but we’ll probably have pesto. So… vegan fail, but vegetarian pass. Maybe I’ll start day one again tomorrow..


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