Farm life

I’ve been going a lil stir-crazy over winter, so even though it was yet another cold overcast day with rain predicted I decided to get us all out of the house on Saturday for some much needed family time. Trystan and Sylar have been asking lots of questions about animals, so we headed to Myuna Farm in the South Eastern suburbs to visit the cows, goats, sheep, pigs and ducks.. and then some. We last took Trystan when Sy was just a wee newborn and some friends were visiting from Adelaide, but he was extremely cautious of the large farm animals, so we hadn’t been back thinking that Sylar would be the same… what followed was another example of how different they are! Sylar is a few months younger than Trystan was at his first visit, and yet he absolutely adored the massive pigs, friendly cows and noisy geese. He wanted to feed them all, regardless of size, and had his first pony ride (it was Trystan’s first ride too)! Trystan wanted to know all about why the chickens and ducks had pink legs and he told Rob that the Turkey was beautiful when Rob was saying how ugly it was – I LOVE that he could see the bird’s inner beauty *melt* . They both had cuddles with the fluffy rabbits and asked why the lizard’s tongue was blue. We were even blessed to see a wee joey peeking out of his mama’s pouch.. whenever she stopped pushing him back in *laugh*. We took a quick ride on the train that tours up past the lake and ducks and then had a quick play before heading home to greet our guests (and have a nap!). I love how visiting real life animals tickles their curiosity and starts conversations like no book can. Trystan’s heading to the Zoo with family soon and I can’t wait to hear all he learns on his adventure into the jungle!


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