The importance of community

It doesn’t matter how many books or blogs I read, or how many discussions I have with other mama’s online, the most important (and grounding) resource in my parenting toolkit is community. Living away from family, I am so very blessed and thankful everyday of the village I have found amongst my sisters of the south east (and their wee families). Whether it’s banding together to craft and donate mamapads overseas, to craft for our own children, or just a simple play in the sunshine, the inevitable conversations is what enriches my soul the most. Hearing first hand from a mama who has been in your situation before, and admits the struggle but still manages to parent unconditionally from the heart, is invaluable in my world. To know that it’s okay for your 4 year old to still need validation during toileting. To embrace regression as  it usually signals a developmental leap forward and your child is needing reassurance that they are safe and loved. To cease lessons when your child resists. To know that whilst these things are okay, it’s also okay to feel frustration and confusion. To debrief with another mama so that I can feel lighter and free once more to give my babies the unconditional love and support that they need. I have my village to thank for these things and many, many more.


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