Kindergarten Drop-out

I withdrew Trystan from Little (aka Playgroup) Kinder today. I’d paid up until the end of the term, and could have kept going with him for the next 6 weeks, but I decided for both his sanity and mine we were better off waving bah bye to a few hundred dollars and enjoying the beginning of Spring at home instead.

I have mixed feelings.. on one hand I’m sad that we’ve ‘dropped out’ and I’m worried that given the larger than normal group going through he may not get back in for Prep in 2012. On the other hand I feel relieved. Not only for Trystan, who would much rather stay home/play with our friends/go to the park/etc, but also for me. Working outside the home a few days a week, plus studying, means that I’m already stretched and find it a challenge fitting in quality time with my babes amongst everything else that needs to be done. Losing half of my ‘home days’ to Kinder (and the long commute there) meant even less time for my family.

Tomorrow, instead of spending the entire morning at Kinder, we’re going to play. And bake. And swing. And feed the fledgling worms. Tomorrow, we shall be free. I feel lighter already, and I bet Trystan will too when he learns in the morning that yes, he can “stay home all day” if he so desires *smile* .


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