Cycling with the moon and astrological predictions

Have you ever noticed that the average menstrual cycle is the same length as a lunar cycle? Since the beginning of time women have cycled with the moon. Today, in the age of artificial light, hormonal contraception, crap diets and stressful lifestyles, we have lost that to a degree. Yet, women who live together tend to cycle together (which was certainly the case in my family of 4 women), and significantly more babies are born under the Full Moon than the New/Dark Moon (which is a time of reflection). As a woman soon to enter my 4th decade, I find it interesting that it took me 2 babies and a miscarriage to find this natural truth. My journey to conception the first time was a stressful and difficult one due to long irregular cycles. The answer at the time was to introduce more drugs to my system to force ovulation, when probably all I needed was time to detox from the decade worth of battering I’d already subjected my poor endocrine system to. When I did realise this, was when I needed neither drugs or time to assist conception again. Two lunar months after my bleed returning (around 13 months postpartum), I was pregnant again. This bellybabe couldn’t stay with us, but s/he was here for a short while and will forever hold a place in my heart. Two weeks later, as I was still grieving, I knew we had conceived again. I’m not sure how I knew, but deep down I did. In October 2009 I laboured under the Full Moon, stopped when the sun rose, and then started again the next eve to bring our precious Sylar earthside shortly after 4am. 18 months after Sylars birth my bleed returned under the Full Moon, and following a day spent with in my kitchen with two of my village women. I was feeling so revitalised and full of love (these amazing women tend to do that) that I felt neither pain or a need for solitude. I greeted the return of my fertility with open arms. I also had some amazingly lush new velour pads to comfort me *smile*. On the weekend of the Dark Moon I was in contact online with two of the doula’s (one retired) in our village. With Jo, I was working through some massive energy that quite a few of us seemed to be feeling. This moon was throwing some intense stuff our way! With Sazz, I was discussing my yearning for another child. Little did I know at the time, that I was also ovulating. Being my first cycle I wasn’t sure what to expect (I know, I’m a bit slow sometimes), but now it all makes sense. The body really is amazing when left alone! I don’t know which birthday this babe will choose, but I have a feeling s/he will hang out until that powerful Full Moon in Leo is calling.. Unless the Dark Moon calls to him/her first! *laugh* Today I was reading that the sign the moon is in at the time of conception can also influence gender. If the moon is in a masculine sign the chances of a male child are higher, if in a feminine sign then a female child is more likely. This holds true for both Trystan and Sylar (conceived when moon was in Sagittarius and Aries). The blessing we never met was also conceived under the masculine Sagittarius, but we’ll never know.. This bellybabe was conceived when the moon was in Taurus.. you’ll have to wait a while to see if the theory is right with this one *wink*. No matter when this babe is born, or what gender they are, I do know this babe is special. Since the moment I discovered we were expecting (again, something I was a bit slow with this time which I find quite hilarious now), I have felt at peace. This pregnancy, and this baby are different. This, as my friend Ki would say, is an Indigo child. Due to be born with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in either Aquarius or Leo, I too, believe that this child is special. Bellybabe, most importantly of all, you are loved!


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  1. Ki
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 01:42:29

    Beautiful post 🙂
    I too found the call of the moon to be so powerful when I allowed my body to relax into its natural state.
    My second and third babies were conceived during a dark moon, and birthed near the dark.moon. I could feel the ebbs and flows in my body as it filled and emptied with each lunar cycle as we were preparing to try to conceive.
    My bleeds returned and syncronised to the moon, and I’m very much aware of the influence the lunar cycles have on my womanly ones.

    I spend time eCh evening outdoors in the dark, bring still and just feeling the energy, its amazing!

    Congratulations on this very determined belly fruit ❤


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