Growing a Summer Blessing

As revealed in my last entry, I discovered, much to my surprise (and ever moreso my husband’s!) that our family has been blessed again with another gorgeous soul. I’m now what I estimate to be 15-16 weeks along, and have known since around 5-6 weeks. I give you these rough estimations because considering it was my first cycle since birthing Sylar in 2009, and having whacky cycles and ovulation issues in the past, I really do have no idea. This does not concern me in the least, as I figure this baby will pick his/her due date regardless, but it is quite interesting watching the array of reactions I receive. “What do you mean you don’t know your due date??”, “Do ‘they’ keep changing their mind” (assuming my lovely co-worker meant my presumed Obstetrician or GP here), and sheer looks of horror that I haven’t had an ultrasound to find out. How could I possibly bear not knowing such things! Like I said, interesting.. haha.

I was really quite ill until the last couple of weeks. This pregnancy has by far been the most challenging in the first trimester, so I was VERY happy to meet the second trimester and the lack of vomiting and return of energy as promised. Albeit belatedly, but hey I might not be as far as I think anyway *wink* . I didn’t see my husband as I’d head to bed with a bucket as soon as he got home. I didn’t see my friends unless we could organise a morning gathering as my nausea seemed to start in the early afternoon (usually, but not always). My children have been watching far too much TV for my liking, and my house looked like it had imploded. Thank Goddess I’m finally getting back on top of it all now! My house is sparkling as much as it can with 2 preschoolers and working part-time thanks to my somewhat hilarious FlyLady efforts and a kick-arse support group on FaceBook. My husband seems to be less prickly (he doesn’t ‘do’ pregnancy well *giggle*), and whilst I still can’t drag myself to craft evenings on a cold winters night when the alternative is cheesecake and my nice warm bed I AM catching up with my women more regularly again which makes my heart sing. The TV thing I’m working on.. I really can’t wait for Winter to recede so the boys and I can get outside more, in the meantime I’m trying to think of more things to keep them entertained indoors and have ordered a new easel for Sylar’s 2nd birthday which isn’t until October but I’m itching to give them now! We might head off to spotlight in the next week or two to buy some felt to make our own characters and shapes in anticipation! (It’s a 5-in-1 board so includes a felt board as well as the usual whiteboard, blackboard, paper, magnets which I think is super cool.)

I’m finding myself doing a lot more reading this pregnancy too, particularly on Unassisted Childbirth, Lotus Birth, and Antenatal care including the use of routine ultrasounds. Quite interestingly I didn’t blink twice when I trotted off for my ultrasounds in previous pregnancies, and considering how many I’ve had that’s concerning! Perhaps if they hadn’t picked up abnormalities in Sylar’s 18wk scan, which after another 2 ultrasounds (or was it 3, I can’t remember) was shown to be fine, I still wouldn’t question their validity today.. So, this time I opted to skip the dating scan (as I mentioned earlier, bellybabe will choose their own birthday anyway) as well as the NT scan (because the outcome would be the same regardless of the results), I also considered skipping the anomaly (18-20wk) scan and going completely ultrasound free unless my body and baby told me otherwise, but since I’m not the only parent to this babe I agreed to Rob’s request that we had ONE ultrasound. So, I trotted off to the GP last week to request a referral and I’ve booked it for when I expect to be around 21-22 weeks in mid September. I chose to have the scan as late as possible to minimise the chances of another false positive experience.

If anything I’m feeling more at peace with this pregnancy. I’m not sure if that is a result of the reading I’m doing (normalising birth), this bellybabe, or both. I have strong feelings that this baby is special.. a link to the Devine perhaps, I’m not sure. Who ever he or she is, I do know one thing, they will be so very very loved. My heart swells to the point of bursting for a son or daughter I haven’t met and who I’m only just starting to feel move within me. Precious baby, we love you.



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