Intactivism and infections

I just found this post sitting in draft form from back in November. Interesting fact – we have had ZERO issues since I wrote this.

A common argument intactivists (and those who quietly choose to not circumcise) are faced with is infection. “What if your son needs a circumcision at 1, 3, 10 years old?” “Wouldn’t it be better if they were too young to remember??” “The nerve endings aren’t connected at birth, that’s why they don’t need local anesthetic”, etc etc.

Apart from the brutality of mutilating a newborn baby who is only just getting to know and trust (??) this strange new world, and the fact that it is not *our* body to alter, who is mutilating (claiming medical emergency no less!) these young boys? GPs, Paeds, Urologists (?) and other such medical professionals who claim your son is going to become seriously ill, have recurrent infections (needing antibiotics) and have long term consequences.

Dr Momma and her awesome intactivist blog – and No Circ – saved our son from such mutiliation.

When Trystan, aged 2.5yo started complaining of a red penis we became slightly concerned. When it quickly went from slightly red, to very red and swollen we became very concerned. Particularly my circ’d other half. So, off to the Doctors we trotted to see what was going on and to see if it really was a concern or not. Before we left I jumped online to read as much as I could find in the hope that he couldn’t need to be circ’d. I had expected the GP to push steriod creams on us, not to give us a referral to a Uroligist for a circumcision!! Trystan had never had any issues before so the ‘advice’ was drastic to say the least. To top it off the GP was NOT impressed when I said that no, we would not be mutilating our child and walked out. DH took the referral ‘just incase’ and I prompted tossed it in the trash when such nonsense belongs.

I was so relieved as I continued in my research to find that not only is reddening and swelling normal during detachment, but also that it’s a sign that all is as it should be and to leave well alone. I’m pleased that we learnt from this experience and know to NEVER let any care provider touch our son. We learnt how very important the foreskin is and the role that it plays. We had our beliefs reinforced by medical research that so many parents the world over choose to ignore.

I am thankful to be on an ever learning journey in the parenting gig, and I’m sure that Trystan will be grateful one day too. Intact.


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