Nature vs Nuture

I’ve seen the debate of Nature vs Nuture raised time and time again. Depending on the trait being discussed I think my viewpoint sways. A violent child/adult = nuture. Unless, it’s down to a hereditary trait or congenial defect = nature.

I hadn’t really thought much about it recently to be honest. Until recent days..

My baby recently turned one. He’s developing his own personality and asserting his independence. Feeding his curiosity and getting into things he shouldn’t (reminding me to take the handles off again lol). All things I knew would come, and have been looking forward too… I want to get to know this fiesty little being!  The thing I wasn’t prepared for was how different his from me would be when he loses control of himself.

After only just learning how Trystan needs breastmilk (cuddles now he’s weaned) to calm down, I am faced with a toddler (eeek, surely he’s still a babeeee) who runs off from me and cries into the wall/floor! How could two babies parented the same (or even gentler for Sy!) handle their frustration and anger so differently? How do I help him learn how to control (feel) his big emotions when he doesn’t want my loving touch? What to do when he rejects a comforting boobeee?

Oh the learning curve really does extend on forever…


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