Who needs a pool when you’ve got a big arse spa!

I was begining to think our spa would never get used until the children leave home.. We started the building process when Trystan was a baby and Sylar was yet to be conceived. We decided on the biggest spa we could find with thoughts of long candlelight soaks and installed handles with the thought of future pregnancies and births in mind. How times change… Sylar was born in a rental property as it took much longer to build than we anticipated (though I do still plan to birth here one day!), and I’ve managed to soak in the bath twice since we moved in 6 months ago. Once with Trystan, and once on my own when I was sick and Rob agreed to take the children out for an hour. Romanctic candlelight soaks… I think not.

So, I was delighted when today I had a brainwave! After spending the best part of the day at the foreshore with friends Trystan was asking to play in the pool once we got home. It’s hot, my babe is slightly sun burnt, I look like a crustacean, and the thought of sand making it from one side of the clam shell into the water side and then into the house had me slightly flustered!  So, into the spa they went!! At least it’s getting used by someone… 🙂



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