Remembering when we met

Firstly, I’m sorry I am such a slack blogger, but I think it’s obvious to both of us at this point that I’m probably not going to change, or rather circumstances and time pressures aren’t going to change in the foreseeable future, so we might as well just expect my random blogging. Yes? Excellent, lets go on with this lovely friendship entry then 🙂 .

I was handed a lovely invitation to an upcoming Blessingway this morning. I had already been virtually invited (as you do!) but my lovely friend had also gone to the trouble of making handcrafted invitations for those that don’t ‘do’ FaceBook or just for those that need a visual reminder… she even put a magnet on the back which I thought was both cute and insightful. It would have ended up on the fridge anyway 😉 .

This lovely invitation to celebrate my friends upcoming homebirth also came with a letter detailing the events of the day. Excellent, a threading ceremony, presenting beads for her blessingway necklace, candles, a flower garland, affirmations..  All lovely, and nothing I couldn’t handle. THEN, when trying to suss out whether to bring my youngest babe or not she also revealed that the threading ceremony would have a twist and actually we more like a random web. We are to throw the yarn to a random guest and then that guest has to talk about how they met our birthing Goddess friend. Righhhhhht. Small problem I said…

We have different recollections about when we first met. Apparently at 36 weeks pregnant I’m totally forgetable. Nice… lol. We didn’t talk much and it was at a very large gathering – Canberra for the homebirth rights rally in September 2009 so there WAS several thousand of us – so I guess I can let her off. She then told me when we first met in her eyes so I guess I’ll just go with that version and thank her for saving me from potentional embarressment at the upcoming blessing. After all, when her version involves me winning her over with homemade apple crumble baked before her eyes with tiny 2 month old baby Sylar in the sling whilst mothering Trystan at the same time it sounds much better, right? Probably my last domestic goddess moment, but they don’t need to know that.


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  1. loz
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 05:42:43

    bwahaha can’t wait to see these invites


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